Fly the way you like

For those of you first timers in 2019 and for participants who may have not flown with us for a while…

The Bailleau International Gliding Contest is singular in the choice of racing class options :

Rather than using the traditional glider type driven categories (standard, racing, 18m, Open, twin seater, etc…), we have turned the tables around and given you the option to fly « à la carte » guided by your cross-country aspirations.

You can opt for either speed or distance, unconstrained by your glider type, so be sure to come and fly as you feel fit.

  • The International/Speed Race class for high speed achievers with tasks designed to make use of the day’s best weather conditions, and alternatively designed to get you back in time for a cold one
  • The International/Long Flights class with a traditional heritage, where distance and length are maximized using weather forecasts using weather forecasts.

International / Speed Race

You appreciate intermediate distance flights, and wish to improve your average cross country speed. You like to make use of the day’s best weather conditions, and improve your completion rate, giving you enough time to spend with your family and friends: the Speed Class is designed for you.


A true novelty in France, the Speed Class offers all pilots a chance to race in optimal conditions thanks to a key ingredient: Task cut out to use the day's best flying window, minimizing outlandings from start to finish. This class is optimal for Standard, 15 meter, 18 meer and 20 meter twins.


This type of task allows experienced pilots to compete in a friendly but spirited atmosphere, while junior pilots can build up time flying shorter tasks than those assigned in the Long Flights Class.

On occasion, the Speed Class can be launched after the Amical, weather conditions permitting (as in 2016), providing the opportunity of increased flying distance.

International / Long Flights

In the Long Flights Class, the Bailleau contest spirit lives on with long distance tasks, maximized according to weather forecasts  (2016 saw a 610 km task for exemple)


With maximum flyable distance in mind, the Long Flights Class will always be launched first, as soon as convection is established. While attempting to safeguard against pilot fatigue and a high number of outlandings, the distance achieved will mostly be far above that assigned in the Speed Class.


This class is optimal for >=18m gliders with a minimum handicap of 117.

"Amical" Contest

The Amical is the best way to get started in competition, before entering the International Contest. While truly a contest in all its forms, mutual aid and learning are hallmarks of this race.


This spirit is built through collective task preparation, experience sharing both inflight and on the ground, as well as common debriefs, all leading to a truly particular contest. Tasks are generally designed to take advantage of the “Beauce” region’s large and plentifully available outlanding fields!


To safeguard this rookie and team spirit, this class is optimal for Club class gliders and twin gliders with a crew of which at least one pilot has never participated in an IGC approved competition.


The Amical is a yearly hit, with contestants often moving up to the International Class the year after.


The list of gliders handicaps which will be used is the official "Multiclass" list approved by the French Soaring Federation and published in document NP4.1.d named "Handicaps planeur FFVV", available in the Downloads section of our website.


Aeronautical Maps

The airspace map in which the 2019 International Bailleau contest tasks will take place is the following:

  • SIA Map France 1/1.000.000 (available in the « Pochette VFR Avril 2019 »)

This map provides aeronautical information for airspace included between SFC and FL195.


You can also buy this one :


For further contestant information, the following 3 maps provide a more detailed view of the lower airspace in which the 2019 International Bailleau contest tasks are most likely to take place:

  • OACI-IGN Map France Nord-Ouest 1/500.000 - Ref. OACI941 - édition Avril 2019
  • OACI-IGN Map France Nord-Est 1/500.000 - Ref. OACI942 - édition Avril 2019
  • OACI-IGN Map France Sud-Ouest 1/500.000 - Ref. OACI943 - édition Avril 2019

Warning: These 3 maps do not contain aeronautical information related to airspace located above FL115 or 3000ASFC (whichever is highest)


Here are some locations in France where you can order the above described maps:

Towing Material

If you do not take-off aided by your own propulsion system, you will not need to bring your towing cables : CVVE Bailleau will provide the necessary towing material.

Medical Certificate

A reminder that French regulations have evolved, and it is now required to have a medical certificate established less that 12 months on the day of the first task, signed by any doctor of medecine, stating that there is "no known medical restriction to your enrollment in a gliding contest".


This certificate will not be required if your aeronautical medical certificate is less than 12 months old on the day of the first task, which is July 30th 2019.

FLARM and Anti-collision marking

FLARM is now mandatory in French Competitions, as well as anti-collision marking.

Hereunder are the 2 excerpts from the French Soaring Federation Competition Rules (NP4.1) that mention these obligations.

  • 8.2. Glider markings that increase collision awareness are mandatory. Any glider participating in a FFVV registered competition must have a bright colored (red, orange or pink) strip on each wing and on the fuselage. The recommended minimum width of each strip is 20cm.
  • 8.3. The use of a FLARM compatible anti-collision device  is mandatory in all FFVV registered competitions. Disabling the FLARM device during any length of the flight is forbidden.


Click here for a document showing the ideal collision awareness markings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions...

Registration Fees

  • International Contest : 265 €
  • "Amical" Contest : 160 €
  • Pilots aged less than 25 : 130 €
  • Camping package for the period from July 28 to August 11 : 70 € per adult, 35€ € per child aged less than 14 years old, free for children aged less than 5 years old. These prices are valid for pilots and their crews and family. Other joiners will billed at general terms and conditions.
  • Towing : 34 € (We will ask you to pay 10 towings in advance. Unused tows will be refunded at your departure)


Only a fully paid registration submittal will be considered valid (instructions for payment can be found at the end of the acknowledgment email you received, or by simply asking us)


Given our limited space, we have to limit the number of contestants to 70 gliders in the Bailleau Contest, with a maximum of 40 gliders per class.

Therefore, registrations will be confirmed on an ongoing basis, and will be closed without prior notification as soon as we receive the 70th payment.

Your attendance is only confirmed once you have not received an official confirmation from us.


(The on-line list of registered pilots is for information purposes only)

Debit/Credit Cards

CVVE Bailleau offers a debit/credit card payment terminal, to help facilitate your fees payments.